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Breeze Cable is a soulful musician who has made her mark in the Lake Norman and Charlotte area of North Carolina for her raw talent of singing and song writing professionally since 2018. Since moving to the Blue Ridge Mountains just a year ago she has been performing regularly in Highlands and Franklin NC and Clayton and Tiger GA.  


Breeze's love for music and the passion for performing has been present from the very beginning of her young life. Anyone who had ever heard her sing knew she had something special.


At age 7 she auditioned with Hallelujah for America's Got Talent. She stood before a group of judges and belted her song passionately. For her, in that moment, she knew that performing was her calling in life.


At age 9 Breeze began listening to singers like Christina Aguilera, Katy Perry and Demi Lavato. Her vocal talents really began to blossom as she taught herself to sing with control and style. In Elementary and middle school she would be asked to sing at school, and at sports events, as well as weddings. 


At age 13 Breeze began playing guitar with the encouragement of a teacher who saw her potential in music. She took lessons for about a year. In that time she began writing her own music.  She found writing to be the best way to channel her frustrations and struggles of school. At that time she was listening to artists like Adel, Lady Gaga and Billie Illish.  She recorded a few songs in a make shift studio and copyrighted those along with few others. She performed at a few local events and did some busking in Asheville for tips but she yearned for bigger things. 

At 14 she was asked to be a guest performer at Levine's Children's Hospital in Charlotte. The scheduled 30 min set turned into an hour and a half since she was so well received. She was asked back and encouraged to record an album.

Shortly after her performance at the hospital Breeze was welcomed to an open mic night at a small pub in Cornelius. As she strummed away and sang current hits, the pub owner and bar patrons looked on in awe and appreciation.  They were so impressed by her they offered her a place in their live music line up.  This would be the beginning of her paid events. 

Breeze is now 20 years old and has written over 25 original songs. You can often find her playing at local vineyards, private parties, breweries and regularly at Universal Joint in Clayton GA,   She performs both covers and original songs in a variety of classic hits, alternative, indie, and country.

Each time Breeze performs, owners, managers, waitstaff and patrons continue to give praise saying "She's seriously one of the best live venues we've ever heard!"  Breeze performs with skill, story telling and pure raw talent. 

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